Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gurgaon's @attitude

Those connected with me at twitter would know already what am i talking about. Good. Because I don't want to write a non-user-friendly entry where readers turn away just witnessing the no. of characters, so here the bulleted list.
  • Attentive hosts
  • In house smoking zone with seating more comfy
  • Amazing mix of music (thursday karaoke, friday live, saturday club, sunday retro)
  • Coporate Thursday (for deals check out
  • Value for money
  • Away from Pappus' sights, good crowd
  • Good choice of food, easy on your pocket (meal for one not more than 500)
  • The DJ - what a guy, the guy knows the pulse and what he is playing
  • The owners (Shiva and Rishi - what a guy)
  • All woooden flooring, for e x t e n d e d dancing activities
  • Neat toilets
  • Dim lights, good for lovers, recluse, silent drinkers, shy extroverts, goths, everyone who dislikes loud places
  • Food good
  • Good Food (guess i just swapped g and f)
  • Be there for Rishi (@attitudelive on twitter), the guy knows what he is doing
  • Nuff parking outside

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